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Santa's best kept secret is that fairies help him track all the children on the 'Naughty and Nice' lists. Fairies travel between the North Pole and the real world by using the pictures that hang in children's rooms and 'windows.' Shaily, a newcomer is warned by Arabelle not to talk to any of the children, just to watch and mark which list they belong to. Shaily's first assignment is Leah Carpenter. Leah has moved to a new city and a beautiful new house. She attends the last day of school in hopes of making new friends before Christmas. All Leah's hopes are dashed when she finds out that Courtney, the most popular girl in school has black listed her. Seeing how upset Leah is, Shaily can't resist and despite the rules she pops out of the picture to introduce herself to a very surprised Leah. Leah and Shaily quickly become fast friends. Although it is not allowed, Shaily takes Leah through the painting into the fairy world where their new friendship is tested and their true adventure begins. A very Fairy Christmas is a magical fantasy-adventure for friends from all generations.

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Chantal Strand
Tabitha St. Germaine
Alexandra Carter
Colin Murdock
Ashleigh Ball
Ron Crown

Jeff Martel

David Doerksen
Karen Nielsen
Jim O'Grady
GENRE: Family - Animation
STATUS: Completed
RUN TIME: 48 Minutes